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Centrifugal Vacuum Evaporators and Concentrators, MiniVac Alpha and MiniVac Beta


The MiniVac Alpha is a compact, economical and environmental friendly vacuum concentrator. It is an easy to use automatic system that includes timer, start stop function, vacuum pump, adjustable chamber temperature from ambient +5 to 85ºC and digital read out of vacuum down to 1 mBar.

The system is supplied complete with the maintenance-free VacSafe15 self-contained Venturi water-jet pump that collects any expelled vapors and condensates, DC drip catcher and Ice cube container unit and all connectors, hoses, clips and multi purpose Eppendorf rotor for 48 mL×1.5-2.0 mL or 76 × 0.5 mL Eppendorf tubes.

The only requirement is for the user to empty the DC of any carried over liquid and to change the water in the VacSafe 15 on a weekly basis depending on use.

The MiniVac Beta is equipped with an MZ-2.4 PTFE (Teflon) membrane pump.

MiniVac Alpha

MiniVac Beta
  • Transparent glass lid allows you to see inside the chamber.
  • No cross-contamination and sample loss because the exhalation hole for vacuum is located on the top of the shaft
  • MiniVac Alpha includes water-jet pump, while the MiniVac Beta includes the MZ-2.4PTFE diaphragm pump
  • DC induction magnetic drive provides quiet and maintenance free operation
  • Optional PTFE coating for use with aqueous and acidic liquids
  • Has a wide variety of rotor options
  • Optional adapters for use with Heto and Savant rotors
  • Built-in controls for Timer, Start/Stop and Vacuum

Specifications (Click here):  Centrifugal Vacuum Evaporators and Concentrators, MiniVac Alpha and MiniVac Beta

NumberDescriptionPrice $ ScanVac MiniVac Alpha System, 115 Volt, 60Hz 8,045.00 ScanVac MiniVac Beta System, 115 Volt, 60Hz 10,190.00 Optional Teflon Coating for centrifugal vacuum concentrator 950.00 Adapter for (old) Heto Rotors 375.00 Adapter for (old) Savant Rotors 375.00 MiniVac Rotor for 48 × 1.5/2.0 mL and 76 × 0.5 mL Tubes (Included with the purchase of either MiniVac Alpha or MiniVac Beta) 775.00 MiniVac Rotor for 120 × 1.5 mL Tubes 845.00 MiniVac Rotor for 135 × 0.5 mL Tubes ( 8 × 45) 845.00 MiniVac Rotor for 75 × 2 × 5 mL Tubes (12-13 × 75) 915.00 MiniVac Rotor for 32 × 10 mL Tubes (14-15 × 100) 915.00 MiniVac Rotor for 42 × 15 mL Tubes (16-17 × 115) 915.00 MiniVac Rotor for 45 × 15 mL Tubes (18-19 × 110) 915.00 MiniVac Rotor for 6 × 50 mL Tubes (29 × 115) 915.00