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Laboratory Aids, Bases, Stands and Supports
Laboratory Aids, Bowls and Dishes - Larger (over 240 ml) Basins, Baths, Beakers, Bowls, Buckets, Jugs, Petri Dishes and Trays
Laboratory Aids, Bowls and Dishes - Smaller Basins, Combustion and Weighing Boats, Bowls, Cups, Evaporation Dishes, Petri Dishes and Trays
Laboratory Aids, Clamps - Bosshead Clamps and Lattice Connectors
Laboratory Aids, Clamps and Clips - without Bossheads, Steel and Plastic
Laboratory Aids, Crucibles - Nickel, Porcelain, Stainless Steel or Zirconium
Laboratory Aids, Forceps
Laboratory Aids, Glass Beakers, Low Form and Tall Form, Graduated
Laboratory Aids, Glass Erlenmeyer Narrow and Wide Mouth Flasks, Graduated
Laboratory Aids, Glass Flasks – Filtering, Boiling Round and Flat Bottom, Conical with Screw Caps, Volumetric
Laboratory Aids, Hot and Cold Silicone Rubber Hand Protectors
Laboratory Aids, Laboratory Jacks – Aluminum Base or All Stainless Steel
Laboratory Aids, Mortar and Pestle Sets – Agate, Grey Iron and Porcelain
Laboratory Aids, Pipette Fillers – Bulb Type Natural Rubber, Standard and New Style
Laboratory Aids, Porcelain Spot, Desiccator and Streak Plates
Laboratory Aids, Porcelain and Glass Buchner Funnels, Glass Separatory Funnels, Stainless Steel Funnels with Handles, Neoprene Filter Adapters
Laboratory Aids, Scoops, Spatulas, Spoons and Ladles
Laboratory Aids, Standard, Heavy, Triangular, A-Base and Plastic Support Stands with Rods
Laboratory Aids, Teflon Beaker Clearance, Low Form with Spout
Laboratory Aids, Tongs - for Beakers, Crucibles, Dishes, Flasks, Sterilization and Tubes