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Sieving, Ultrasonic Hielscher UIS250L for Laboratory Ring Sieves


The Hielscher UIS250L is a 250 watt ultrasonic processor for sieving. It operates at a frequency 24 kHz, has an automatic frequency scanning system with amplitude adjustable from 20-100 % and pulse control from 0-100 %.

The Hielscher UIS250L is designed to accelerate sieving for common laboratory ring sieves of 200 mm or eight inches in diameter. A ring sonotrode that fits the sieve is excited by the UIS250L ultrasonic processor. Clamps insure that nearby stacked screens are also excited by the UIS250L.

The UIS250L generator and transducer are housed separately, connected to the ring sonotrodes by a 4 m cable.

Since the transducer is away from the material to be sieved the UIS250L can be used for dry or wet sieving or for cleaning the sieves.

The ultrasonic components can be retrofitted into already existing sieving towers and can also be used to augment existing vibrators.

A countdown timer is available to operate the sieving system for up to 100 minutes.

Features of the UIS250L Ultrasonic Sieving Processor:
  • Powerful 250 watts, 24 kHz frequency
  • Automatic frequency scanning system
  • Amplitude and pulse adjustable
  • Generator and transducer housed separately
  • Can be retrofitted into existing sieving towers or used with vibrators
  • Countdown timer available for up to 100 minutes

Ring Sonotrode
and UIS250L

6 Stack Sieving

Specifications:  Sieving, Ultrasonic Hielscher UIS250L for Laboratory Ring Sieves

NumberDescriptionPrice $
UIS250L UIS Ultrasonic processor for sieving, 115 V, 60 Hz 4,693.33
RIS200 Ring sonotrode RIS200 for use with standard laboratory screen of diameter 200 mm and height 35 mm
RIS203 Ring sonotrode RIS203 for use with standard laboratory screen of diameter 8 inches (203.5 mm) and height 35 mm 757.33
SZS200 Complete Sieving Tower Accessory Set, for standard sieves and ring sonotrodes of diameter 200 mm (RIS200) or diameter 8 inches (RIS 203), set consists of basic platform, tension bars with rapid tension nuts, bottom receiver and top cover
T1 Timer, from 00:00 to 99:59 (min:sec)
PowMet115 Power meter PowMet115 for display of current power, accumulated energy and operation time