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Micro Centrifuge, 15,000 rpm Smart 15


The Smart 15 is a highly stable, compact and convenient centrifuge of new design and technology. Maximum rpm of 15,000 using a 24 tube rotor and 1.5 or 2.0 mL tubes for DNA, RNA, protein, virus cell and other such separations in the laboratory. Air flow cooling to keep heating from rotation and motor in check. Simple Key Pad controls, memory to store up to 10 programs and outstanding safety features.

Brushless motor design means reliable, efficient, clean and maintenance free operation with no opportunity for the creation of carbon airborne particles.

A PCR 0.2 mL strip rotor is available.

Smart 15
Features of the Smart 15 Centrifuge:
  • 24 × 0.5/1.5 mL fixed angle rotor, with 4 × PCR 0.2 mL strip (32 holes) rotor available
  • Maximum with fixed angle rotor 15,000 rpm, 21,055 ×g
  • Acceleration or deceleration in 15 seconds
  • Brushless motor for clean, quiet and maintenance free operation
  • Memory allows for saving of up to 10 programs
  • Safety features detecting abnormal rpm, system error, abnormal vibration, imbalance, door opening and overheating
  • Fast and easy operation through Key Pad

Specifications:  Micro Centrifuge, 15,000 rpm Smart 15

NumberDescriptionPrice $
KG150001 Smart 15 micro centrifuge with A1.5M-24 rotor 2,540.00
A1.5M-24 A1.5M-24 rotor, 24 × 1.5/2.0 mL tubes (use adapters for 0.2 and 0.5 mL tubes), fixed angle 45°, white, maximum 15,000 rpm, 21,055 ×g
A0.2M-32 A0.2M-32 PCR Strip rotor, 32 × 0.2 mL tubes or 4 PCR strips, fixed angle 45°, maximum 12,500 rpm, 9,695 ×g
KG618.02-24 0.2 mL adapter, 6 mm Ø, 18 mm L, maximum 15,848 ×g, black, set of 24
KG830.05-24 0.5 mL adapter, 8 mm Ø, 30 mm L, maximum 18,112 ×g, black, set of 24