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Vacuum Filtration Systems, the WaterVac 100


The WaterVac 100 is a unique vacuum filtration system which can generate sufficient vacuum for filtration through a built-in air/water pump, and drain the waste liquid directly. Compared to traditional filtration equipment, the WaterVac 100 does not need additional suction flasks or a bottle to collect the waste liquid. That saves much needed bench space and also makes it ideal for work in a Laminar Flow Cabinet.

The WaterVac 100 is ideal for sample filtration in many laboratory applications such as the Microbiology Test in food, pharmaceutical, beverage industries and the Suspended Solid Test for municipal, surface, ground and drinking water. The WaterVac 100 meets Membrane Filter (MF) Technique filtration parameters described in U.S. EPA, ISO and ASTM standards.

Features of the WaterVac 100 Vacuum Filtration System:
  • Saves space by eliminating the need for suction flask and waste bottle
  • Saves time, no need to empty a waste bottle
  • Safe, as there is no worry about waste getting sucked into the pump
  • Replaceable funnel base makes the unit compatible with various kinds of filter holders, making it very versatile
  • Adaptors available for stainless steel funnels and disposable plastic funnels from Millipore, Sartorius and Pall
  • Silicon stopper adaptor available for Rocker magnetic filter holders

Specifications:  Vacuum Filtration Systems, the WaterVac 100

NumberDescriptionPrice $
190100-01 WaterVac 100 Vacuum Filtration System (needs adapter), North American plug
190110-01 WaterVac 100-MS Vacuum Filtration System with Silicone Stopper No. 8 Adapter, funnels are sold separately, North American plug
190120-01 WaterVac 100-MB Vacuum Filtration System with SS (stainless steel) filter holder base, funnels are sold separately, North American plug
190100-10 Adaptor for silicone stopper No. 8
190100-20 Adaptor for Rocker SS funnels
190100-73 Adapter for Millipore M1ACFD101 (100 mL) or M1ACFD201 (250 mL) plastic funnels
190100-74 Adapter for Sartorious 16A07 (100 mL) plastic funnel
190100-75 Adapter for Pall 4870 (100 mL) or 4871 (250 mL) plastic funnels
190100-76 Hose barb adapter ( 4-8mm Ø tubing)
167103-61 Stainless steel funnel, 100 mL, filter diameter 47/50mm
167103-63 Stainless steel funnel, 300 mL, filter diameter 47/50mm
167103-65 Stainless steel funnel, 500 mL, filter diameter 47/50mm
200300-01 Rocker MF3 magnetic filter holder with lid, PES, 300 mL, 47mm filter Ø, fitting for 4-8mm Ø tubing
200500-01 Rocker MF5 magnetic filter holder with lid, PES, 500 mL, 47mm filter Ø, fitting for 4-8mm Ø tubing
167100-20 Pall 61631, A/E glass fiber membrane filters, 47mm Ø, pore 1 µm, pkg/100
167100-52 Pall 66278, GN-6 MCE membrane filters, 47mm Ø, pore 0.45 µm, grid, pkg/200