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COD Reactor, the CR 25 Microprocessor Controlled Block Heater


The CR 25 COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) reactor is used to digest closed micro reflux COD vials and can meet USEPA 410.4, Applications include evaluating waste water from industrial facilities as well as water quality in lakes and rivers. The CR 25 makes an excellent microprocessor controlled block heater as well.

Features of the CR 25 COD Reactor:
  • Easier and safer than open macro reflux method
  • COD program to prepare samples to be measured when they cool down
  • Simple start button to begin heat up to 150°C for 2 hour countdown
  • Temperature range setting and timer, plus up to three user created heating program settings can be stored
  • Microprocessor controlled block heater

Specifications:  COD Reactor, the CR 25 Microprocessor Controlled Block Heater

NumberDescriptionPrice $
179200-11 CR 25 COD reactor AC 110V, 60Hz
179200-22 CR 25 COD reactor AC 220V, 50Hz
179100-45 Combination aluminum block for 8×20 mm and 6×25 mm vials