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Floor Model Centrifuge, 12,000 rpm Refrigerated Multi Purpose Continent 512R Plus
Floor Model Centrifuge, 22,000 rpm Refrigerated Ultra High Speed Supra 22K
Floor Model Refrigerated Centrifuge 17,000 rpm Multi-Purpose 1736R
Table Top 15,000 rpm 24 Tube Rotor Centrifuge, the Multipurpose Model 1580MG
Table Top Centrifuge 12,000 rpm Multi-Purpose Model 1236
Table Top Centrifuge 4,000 rpm 16 Tube Fixed Angle or with Swing Rotors, the Flexible Low Speed Model 416
Table Top Centrifuge 8,000 rpm Multipurpose Combi 408
Table Top Centrifuge, 15,000 rpm Refrigerated Multipurpose Combi 514R
Table Top Refrigerated 15,000 rpm 24 Tube Rotor Centrifuge, the Multipurpose Model 1580MGR
Ultra High Speed 22,000 rpm Floor Model Refrigerated High Capacity (up to 6 × 1000 mL) Programmable Model 2236R Centrifuge